Show categories and products in Magento

Just installed Magento? Can´t get any categories and products to be visible in frontend?

Well you are not the first one. To get them visible is a bit tricky,  just follow this checklist and then it will work:

Show categories in Magento

  • Login to administration
  • Go to dropdown menu ”Catalog” and click item ”Manage categories”
  • Add a new category inside the category ”Default Category”
  • Make sure ”Is Active” is set to ”yes”
  • Go to frontend and your category will now be visible in the top horizontal menu (standard layout)

Show products in Magento

  • Login to administration
  • Go to dropdown menu ”Catalog” click in item ”Manage products”
  • Click ”Add product” or ”Edit” to the right of a existin product
  • Fill in all requierd fields (you will be promted if you missed something)
  • In tab ”General” (tabs are to the left) make sure ”Status” is set to ”Enable” and Visibility is set to ”Catalog, Search” or ”Catalog”
  • In tab ”Inventory” make sure ”Qty” (Quantity) is set to more the 0 and that ”Stock Availability” is set to ”In Stock”
  • In tab ”Categories”, select the categories that you wan your product to appear in.
  • Save your product
  • Go to frontend and your product will now be visible inside the categories you selected above.

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