tt_news mpossnewssorting startingpoint does not change

If you are using mpossnewssorting to manually sort tt_news post you might run into some troubles, this is because mpossnewssorting uses another flexform then tt_news orignial. The problem with this is that when tt_news updates and move fields in the flexform the flexform in mpossnewssorting will be outdated, and when this post is written the mpossnewssorting has not been updated since 2008 (version 1.1.1).

So, how to solve the startingpoint (Page(s) with tt_news records) problem:

1. Open up your FTP-client
2. Go to the folder /typo3conf/ext/mpossnewssorting
3. Edit the file ”flexform_ds2_no_sPID.xml”
4. Now, move the <pages> – part from <sDEF> section to <s_misc> section.
5. Save, upload, clear cache and go to the plugin on your page and resave your settings.





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