WordPress form manager set visitors email as sender

If you are using the plugin form-manager and you want to use the visitors email as sender in the header just follow these steps:

  1. Open up the wordpress admin panel
  2. Go to ”Forms”
  3. Click on your form
  4. Click on the tab ”Form extra”
  5. Type in the nickname ”email” nexto the field that holds the e-mail adress
  6. Save
  7. Go to the tab ”Edit”
  8. To the right under ”E-mail notification” change the field with the header ”from” to: [item email]
  9. Save
  10. Test

If you need any help, just leave a comment on this post and I will tell you how to fix it.

For more shortcodes, checkout the plugin-page: http://www.campbellhoffman.com/question/advanced-e-mail-settings/



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