Add tags to tt_new displayList (list mode)

If you are missing <p> (paragraph) tags in your NEWS_CONTENT marker in list mode (displayList) in TYPO3 tt_news, just add the following typoscript to your setup:
plugin.tt_news.displayList.content_stdWrap.parseFunc < lib.parseFunc_RTE


TYPO3 tt_news delete ”read more” from subheader

In the later versions of tt_news the ”read more” link is appended to the subheader via typoscript, which according to me is kind of annoying.

To solve this, just add this to you typoscript setup:

plugin.tt_news.displayList.subheader_stdWrap.append >

That will clear the subheader from the appended ”read more” link

Over and out

TYPO3, tt_news clear cache when add new post

tt_news is a great plugin, but according to me the ”out-of-the-box” cache settings is really bad. All beginnerns allways get stuck with the problem that FE-pages does not update tt_news post when a change is made.

If you have a ”normal” website that publish 1 – 2 posts a week, there is no need for the multi-super-duper cache settings. So to make it easy for your self, just set the cache to clear every time you make a change to your news folder. This is done by adding this line of typoscript ”TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all” to your news folder TSConfig.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Edit your newsfolder
  2. Go to tab ”Resources”
  3. Paste this ”TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all” into the box at the bottom (title: Page TSConfig)
  4. Save the page


This only works for admin users by default, to make it work for other be-users, just add the following to the group or users tsconfig (found in ”User admin” -> selected user/group -> ”option” tab):


tt_news mpossnewssorting startingpoint does not change

If you are using mpossnewssorting to manually sort tt_news post you might run into some troubles, this is because mpossnewssorting uses another flexform then tt_news orignial. The problem with this is that when tt_news updates and move fields in the flexform the flexform in mpossnewssorting will be outdated, and when this post is written the mpossnewssorting has not been updated since 2008 (version 1.1.1).

So, how to solve the startingpoint (Page(s) with tt_news records) problem:

1. Open up your FTP-client
2. Go to the folder /typo3conf/ext/mpossnewssorting
3. Edit the file ”flexform_ds2_no_sPID.xml”
4. Now, move the <pages> – part from <sDEF> section to <s_misc> section.
5. Save, upload, clear cache and go to the plugin on your page and resave your settings.



Get ”what to display” from tt_news when building tt_new extension

If you are building an extension in TYPO3 that extends tt_news and you want to know which type (what_to_display) the content element is using, you can find out like this:

function extraItemMarkerProcessor($markerArray, $row, $conf, &$pObj) {
echo $pObj->hObj->pObj->config[‘code’];

$pObj (first one) contains all the settings from the tt_news plugin, so there are a lot a data you can fetch from there.

Good luck!